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Unlock Your Career Potential with OSG: Your Trusted Career Counseling Company

OSG (One Strategy Group) is a prominent boutique career counseling company operating in the United States, United Kingdom, and China. Dedicated to providing professional and personalized career consulting services, OSG assists international students worldwide in achieving their career aspirations. With a focus on developing mentees’ professional knowledge, technical expertise, and communication skills, OSG empowers Chinese students to secure positions in top financial institutions and consulting companies. Additionally, OSG strives to deliver the latest and most insightful analysis on recruiting information across various industries.

Global Presence and 24/7 Recruiting Services

OSG boasts a strong presence in key locations, including the United States and the United Kingdom, ensuring seamless access to tailored mentorship and recruiting services. The company’s full-time employees and mentorship team are strategically positioned in major centers to provide round-the-clock support to all mentees. This global presence enables OSG to offer comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the career counseling process.

Elite Mentors with Professional Expertise

OSG’s mentorship team comprises professionals employed at prestigious investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, and consulting companies. These mentors possess not only exceptional professional qualifications but also excel as mentors, having undergone rigorous training and assessments in teaching methodologies. Their wealth of expertise and industry insights equips mentees with valuable guidance and mentorship throughout their career journeys.


OSG, as a trusted career counseling company, is committed to unlocking the career potential of its clients. Through personalized career consulting services, OSG assists international students in realizing their professional goals. With a global presence, OSG provides 24/7 recruiting services, ensuring mentees receive continuous support. The mentorship team, comprising elite professionals from renowned financial and consulting institutions, imparts valuable knowledge and guidance to mentees. OSG’s high standards are reflected in the offers it announces, ensuring they are well-paying and have the potential to lead to full-time sponsored positions. With OSG’s expertise and dedication, mentees receive comprehensive support and guidance to propel their careers forward.


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