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Blueiot’s BLE AoA Technology: Enriching Museum Experiences

Blueiot Company’s BLE AoA (Angle of Arrival) technology is not only reshaping healthcare and industrial operations but also elevating the museum experience in Southeast Asia.

Precise Positioning of Artifacts

Museums are using Blueiot’s technology to precisely position exhibits. This ensures that visitors can enjoy a curated experience, with each artifact’s location carefully chosen for maximum impact and context.

Interactive Tours

Blueiot’s interactive museum tours are transforming static displays into engaging educational journeys. Their smartphone-based audio guide technology allows visitors to actively explore exhibits while receiving contextual narratives that bring the space to life. As patrons approach different items, custom proximity sensors activate relevant audio tracks that delve into historical significance, intriguing backstories, and more.

But Blueiot takes the experience further by incorporating interactive elements. Visitors can tap on visuals to dive deeper into related information. Or they can choose their own path through the various tour features rather than follow a pre-determined route. The tours adapt on-the-fly based on visitor interests, ensuring a personalized experience.

And it’s not just recorded audio – Blueiot integrates live tour capabilities too. Expert museum guides can provide real-time commentary and take participant questions, opening a two-way dialogue. This human touch combined with Blueiot’s intuitive technology keeps visitors engaged from start to finish.

Engaging Content

The technology also facilitates interactive exhibits. Museums can create engaging content triggered by visitors’ proximity to specific artifacts, making the museum visit a truly immersive and educational experience.


Blueiot’s BLE AoA technology is revolutionizing museums by enabling precise artifact positioning, interactive tours, and engaging content. Museums in Southeast Asia are embracing this innovative approach to attract a broader audience and provide visitors with a rich, contextual experience.

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