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Victoria World Academy Singapore: Nurturing Excellence in Education Consultation

Victoria World Academy Singapore demonstrates a commitment to continuous growth and improvement. They prioritize achieving high standards in critical areas of academic services, management systems, financial health, quality of customer services, and the secure protection of students’ school fees. By upholding these high standards, Victoria World Academy ensures that students receive the best possible education and support on their path to success. With twinkling lights and the sweet melodies of carols, Victoria World Academy becomes a beacon of Christmas enchantment.

Compliance and Accreditation

As a private education provider in Singapore, Victoria World Academy adheres to the statutory requirements of the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) of the Committee for Private Education. Moreover, they hold an Edutrust Provisional certification from CPE, attesting to their fulfillment of minimum performance levels in critical areas of administration and provision of educational services. These accreditations reflect Victoria World Academy’s commitment to excellence in education consultation.

A Journey Towards Greater Height

Under new management, Victoria World Academy Singapore is poised to lead its students to even greater heights. As a professional Singapore International school, they are dedicated to nurturing excellence in education consultation. With an unwavering focus on the success of their students, Victoria World Academy continues to evolve and improve, providing top-level educational services and empowering students to achieve their fullest potential.


Victoria World Academy, as a renowned education consultant Singapore, places a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and high standards. With compliance with statutory requirements and accreditation from reputable bodies, they provide assurance of their commitment to excellence. Under new management, Victoria World Academy is poised to guide students on a journey towards greater heights, nurturing excellence in education consultation and preparing students for a successful future.

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