Transgenic Mice: Unlocking New Frontiers in Biomedical Research with Cyagen

Transgenic mice have emerged as a crucial tool for biomedical research, allowing researchers to understand complex biological systems better and develop new disease treatments. Cyagen is a leading provider of transgenic mouse services, offering innovative solutions that enable researchers to create genetically modified mice quickly and efficiently.

Optimizing Transgenic Production Through Quality DNA and PCR-based Genotyping at Cyagen

One of the most critical aspects of transgenic production is the quality of DNA used in pronuclear injection, which can significantly impact the success of the process. To ensure optimal results, Cyagen employs a specialized protocol for preparing top-quality DNA, including linearizing plasmid DNA and injecting unlinearized BAC DNA, which produces similar outcomes to linearized BAC DNA.

A PCR-based genotyping strategy is also developed and tested for each project to ensure accurate identification of founder mice. If you provide your own transgenic vector, Cyagen will perform the necessary purification and linearization of the DNA, ensuring its suitability for pronuclear injection.

Types of Transgenic Mice Services from Cyagen

Cyagen offers two types of basic services for generating transgenic founder mice through plasmid or BAC injection, with a minimum of 400 eggs injected to produce live animals. While the average number of transgenic founders obtained is typically 2-3 for plasmid injection or 1-2 for BAC injection, it’s possible that the actual numbers could fluctuate significantly, and no founders are obtained. Cyagen recommends using their guaranteed service option to guarantee the generation of founders.

Advancements in transgenic mouse technology have opened up new avenues of research in various scientific fields, from oncology to cardiovascular disease research. By enabling researchers to create genetically modified mice with precise genetic modifications, Cyagen has played a vital role in accelerating biomedical research.


In conclusion, using transgenic mice has revolutionized biomedical research, allowing scientists to study complex biological systems and develop new disease treatments. With Cyagen’s advanced techniques and comprehensive services, researchers can create high-quality transgenic mice more efficiently, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries in various scientific fields.

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