What Is Flat Panel X-Ray Detector Technology And How Does It Work?

Flat panel X-ray detectors employ electric currents to detect shorter-wavelength X-rays than visible light. These detectors employ electrical conductivity or radioactivity to detect certain wavelengths for application in medicine and industrial hygiene.

How do indirect X-ray detectors work?

Indirect X-ray detectors convert X-rays into visible light using a scintillator material and photodiodes. The visible light is detected by an array of photodiodes, which convert it into an electrical signal that is digitized to create a digital X-ray image. Indirect detectors have several advantages over traditional film-based X-rays, including the ability to capture a wider range of X-ray energies and adjust the image’s contrast and brightness digitally. They are commonly used in radiography, fluoroscopy, and CT applications.

Why do we need indirect X-ray detectors?

Indirect X-ray detectors have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their superior image quality and flexibility compared to direct X-ray detectors. Indirect detectors use a scintillator material to convert X-rays into visible light, which is then detected by photodiodes, resulting in faster and more accurate image acquisition. They also have the ability to capture a wider range of X-ray energies and adjust the image’s contrast and brightness digitally, which is not possible with direct detectors. This makes indirect detectors more suitable for a variety of applications, including radiography, fluoroscopy, and computed tomography (CT).

In conclusion

X-ray detector technology is a crucial component of medical imaging systems. By detecting the presence of X-rays, medical imaging systems can produce detailed images of internal structures, allowing physicians to identify potential health concerns or injuries. This information is then used to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions, from broken bones to tumors. SONTU flat-panel detector, equipped with status LED indicators, hidden handle design, comfortable to use come in two types: wired and wireless. The detector allows the X-ray machine to generate the same quality image with a lower dose, which is safer for both patients and radiologists. SONTU is a reliable manufacturer with advanced X-ray technology worldwide, and it is a worthwhile investment partner. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now.

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