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Funingpu Gelatin Factory: Nurturing Quality, Embracing Responsibility

Funingpu, a gelatin factory, is an esteemed establishment that epitomizes excellence in the gelatin industry. With its unwavering commitment to providing high-quality gelatin, strict adherence to food and drug safety regulations, and dedication to environmental sustainability, Funingpu has established a corporate culture that sets it apart from its peers.

Upholding High Standards for Excellence

From sourcing unique and natural water to employing advanced production equipment and processes, Funingpu strives to deliver gelatin of unparalleled quality. It places emphasis on delicacy management, ensuring that every aspect of its operations meets the highest standards. Moreover, the factory operates under a comprehensive quality management system and a food safety management system. By strictly adhering to relevant guidelines and regulations, Funingpu ensures that its gelatin products meet the required standards. Funingpu understands the significance of environmental responsibility. Through ongoing investments in environmentally friendly facilities, the factory actively promotes clean production and embraces the principles of a circular economy. By implementing sustainable practices and striving to conserve energy and reduce consumption, Funingpu establishes itself as a leader in eco-friendly gelatin production.


Funingpu stands as a beacon of excellence in the gelatin industry. Its corporate culture revolves around nurturing quality, embracing responsibility, and championing environmental sustainability.  Funingpu Gelatin Factory truly embodies the harmony between innovation, responsibility, and sustainability in its pursuit of excellence.

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