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Navigating Complex Anatomy with APT Medical’s Elong Microcatheter

Welcome to a world where medical technology and innovation converge to revolutionize the way we navigate the intricate landscape of human coronary anatomy. APT Medical‘s Elong Microcatheter is designed with the latest technology to provide optimal support and superior crossability, allowing for precise deliverability in even the most complex procedures.

Different Types of Elong Microcatheter and their Applications

The Elong™ series microcatheter comes with three different types that designed for various complex PCI techniques. Here are the types and applications of each product:

Straight Tip 1.7F: This microcatheter has an optimized straight tip design to navigate chronic total occlusions (CTO) retrograde.

Straight Tip 1.9F: The straight tip design of this microcatheter is intended for both antegrade and retrograde navigating of CTO.

Tapered Tip 2.6F: This microcatheter has a tapered tip design, making it the optimal solution for navigating calcified lesions.

Dual Lumen 3.2F: The Dual lumen design of this microcatheter makes it suitable for use in various complex PCI techniques.

Optimal Support for Guidewire Manipulation

The stainless steel mesh braided structure of APT Medical’s Elong Microcatheter provides outstanding support for guidewire manipulation and device delivery. The PTFE inner layer minimizes resistance during guidewire advance operations, providing a smoother and more precise experience for both patients and medical professionals.

Superior Crossability for Precise Delivery

The hydrophilic coating on the distal end of the Elong Microcatheter allows for smooth delivery, even in tortuous anatomy. The slightly tapered design enables the Elong Microcatheter to easily cross complex lesions, while the multi-durometer of the polymer tube provides a smooth transition and flexibility. These features allow for the precise and accurate delivery of medical devices and treatment options to targeted anatomy.

Multi Radiopaque Markers for Clear Visualization

APT Medical’s Elong Microcatheter also includes multi radiopaque markers, with 2 or 3 marker bands available for clear visualization. This allows medical professionals to track the position of the Elong Microcatheter during procedures, ensuring that the device is being delivered to the correct location with accuracy and precision.


In conclusion, APT Medical’s Elong Microcatheter provides optimal support, superior crossability, and clear visualization for precise deliverability in the most complex PCI procedures. With the latest technology and advanced design, APT Medical’s Elong Microcatheter is a valuable tool for medical professionals to improve patient outcomes.

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