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Unleash Precision and Accuracy with HIKMICRO Night Vision Scopes

When it comes to hunting, accuracy is key. HIKMICRO, a leading brand in night vision technology, introduces a groundbreaking product designed to enhance your hunting experience. With their advanced features, HIKMICRO night vision scopes provide accurate distance measurement and internal ballistic calculation capabilities, ensuring precise and ethical shooting in any lighting condition.

Accurate Distance Measurement for Ethical Shots

HIKMICRO’s ALPEX 4K digital day & night vision scope is equipped with an integrated laser rangefinder. This feature allows hunters to accurately range-find their quarry up to 1,000m with an impressive accuracy of ±1 meter. By precisely measuring the distance to the target, hunters can ensure ethical shots, minimizing the risk of injuring non-target animals. HIKMICRO’s commitment to accuracy and precision shines through in their night vision scopes.

Internal Ballistic Calculation for Long-Range Hunting

The ALPEX 4K night vision scope is HIKMICRO’s first digital scope with advanced ballistic calculation capabilities. By entering specific data about your ammunition, scope, and environmental conditions, the ALPEX 4K becomes a highly accurate long-range hunting tool. Using an internal ballistics algorithm, the scope calculates the suggested aiming point based on the exact distance measured by the built-in laser rangefinder. This feature ensures hunters can make precise shots even at long distances, increasing the chances of a successful hunt.

Unleash the Power of HIKMICRO Night Vision

HIKMICRO night vision scopes empower hunters with advanced technology and innovative features. The ALPEX 4K combines digital day and night vision capabilities, providing clear and detailed imaging in any lighting condition. With HIKMICRO’s night vision scopes, hunters can see their surroundings with exceptional clarity, enabling them to spot targets with ease. The integration of accurate distance measurement and internal ballistic calculation takes hunting precision to a whole new level, making HIKMICRO night vision scopes a game-changer for hunters.


HIKMICRO is revolutionizing the hunting experience with their cutting-edge night vision technology. The ALPEX 4K night vision scope, equipped with an integrated laser rangefinder and internal ballistic calculation, ensures accurate distance measurement and precise long-range shooting. With HIKMICRO’s commitment to accuracy and innovation, hunters can take ethical shots and increase their chances of a successful hunt. Trust HIKMICRO to deliver the tools you need for a successful hunting expedition.

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