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ACEM – Antai College’s Faculty of Business: Fostering Global Talent

When considering business education, Antai College‘s faculty of business stands as a symbol of global excellence. Their programs and faculty members reflect a steadfast commitment to nurturing global talent.

An Internationally Acclaimed Hub of Excellence

ACEM’s Faculty of Business has earned widespread global recognition and accolades, firmly cementing its status as a premier institution on the world stage. In 2011, ACEM accomplished the distinction of being the inaugural business school in China to attain accreditation from the three most authoritative bodies in business education: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. Their steadfast commitment to achieving excellence has consistently placed them among the foremost business schools worldwide. Notably, all four of Antai College’s flagship programs – Master in Management (MIM), MBA, EMBA, and Executive Education – consistently maintain a position within the top 60 programs globally, as per the assessments of the Financial Times.

A Global Gateway for Students

ACEM’s Faculty of Business stands out due to its steadfast dedication to offering students unparalleled global opportunities. The institution provides a diverse array of meticulously crafted international programs aimed at instilling a comprehensive global perspective in students. Notably, the IMBA program is uniquely designed to blend a global outlook with a focus on China, delivered in English by esteemed foreign professors. This distinctive program consistently attracts top-tier applicants from both domestic and international backgrounds.


In summary, ACEM’s Faculty of Business, with its international acclaim and diverse program offerings, is devoted to furnishing students with a global perspective and the skills essential for excelling in the ever-evolving landscape of the business world. They are undeniably instrumental in shaping the business leaders of tomorrow.

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