Quirky storage ideas

No matter how big your home is if it is not well-planned, you are bound to run out of storage space. Your home can look organized and pretty at the same time if storage is done correctly. There is always a need for “some extra storage” when your stuff keeps multiplying. This is especially true if you have kids in the house. Their toys, books, clothes, and other things take up space and you are left wondering what to do. Here are some ideas you can implement to make your home look great.

Quirky storage ideas

  1. TablesTables occupy a large space of the room and often there is very little to no scope for storage. You can change that by making way for some artistic additions under the table. If you have a wooden table, then you can look for one with compartments. You can add your books, small planters, and other such things that can make your living room look beautiful too.
  2. Rethink supplies – Whenever you arrange your groceries, you put them in proper containers to ensure that they are safely tucked away and they don’t take up much space. Likewise, you can have containers for all supplies including your laundry detergents, bath beads and salts, and so on. This can save a lot of space, avoid duplication and keep your home in good shape. If they are stored in containers, they can be stored out and about as well and the packets don’t need to be hidden away. You can stow some away in your console table with storage available.
  3. Freestanding closet – Most of us have a piece of furniture that gets hidden under a pile of clothes that are hanging between “need to wash” and “can be worn once more”. One good way to organize this pile and let it show you the clothes in this category is the freestanding closet. A simple structure on which you can hang your clothes, it is space-saving and can be great for storage. You can even pick out the variety that comes with small drawers and shelves under it to make optimum use of the space.
  4. Magazines and newspapers – A newspaper stand can take up space but also obstruct the scope of movement in a room. You can easily rectify this situation by adding a few shelves on the walls to store your magazines and newspapers and display them. The coffee table can look rather crowded when these are displayed there.
  5. Mount your items – Wherever it is possible, wall mount your items. For example, instead of investing in a TV unit with limited capacity, wall mounts your TV and uses space in some other parts of the room. It stops the room from looking too crowded and gives you the freedom to choose a more practical option for storage. You can wall mount your cycles and practically anything you can lift.
  6. Hanging Kitchen – The kitchen can be a tricky room to organize as the flow should not be interrupted when doing so. One of the options to streamline storage in the kitchen is to make as many things as possible hang from shelves. You can try this with pots, pans, ladles, serving spoons, mugs, glasses, and so on. This saves a lot of space and keeps all your options in your view allowing you to choose quickly.

While storage is an essential part of a well-maintained and beautiful home, it is essential to make it fun and quirky. Otherwise, your home may be clean it may end up looking boring too!

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