Pogo Pins: Six Types You Need to Know

This blog discusses pogo pins, including regular and test pins, as well as related topics. Pomagtor probes provide a comprehensive selection of testing options, including as burn-in testing, wafer-level packaging testing, general terminal testing, and PCB testing probes. These options are included in the company’s 0.7mm ultra-fine pitch IC probes.

The Benefits of Each Types of Pogo Pins

  1. SMT type: high stability, the bottom of the needle tube is designed with a flat bottom, which is favorable to welding with the PCB board. This kind of needle tube is also known as a surface mount type.
  2. DIP type: The end of the needle tube of the probe type connection is fitted with a positioning needle. This assures that there will be no offset phenomena during the welding process, and it has a great positioning effect. This connector type is known as the probe type.
  3. Type that Bends Having a design that bends at the tail gives designers additional options for how to use available space.
  4. Double head type: The design of a double head and double action is used in this kind of connection so that engineers may have more space flexibility in the two-way connection of board to board.
  5. Type of welding wire: suited for usage on the CABLE end, which provides an environment that is favorable for welding with the wire

6.Threaded type: Products with particular specifications are able to satisfy the various demands of customers and can also be tailored to suit the specific requirements of individual clients.

Advantages of using the Pomagtor product

Contact Pomagtor if you are in need of the pogo test pins for testing. Pomagtor is unquestionably deserving of your consideration. Not only is this tester capable of handling a diverse selection of current rates, but it also comes equipped with an oscilloscope that may assist you in more quickly identifying issues that are occurring inside your circuits. In addition, the fact that Pomagtor is one of the leading and a well-known pogo pin manufcuruers means that you can rest certain that its quality will never fail to meet your expectations.

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