Cost-Effective Manufacturing with Low Volume Injection Molding: Why JOBR Tech is the Way to Go

Welcome to the world of low volume injection molding, where small scale production has never been more cost-effective and efficient! If you’re a manufacturer looking for a game-changing solution to produce high-quality products without breaking the bank, then look no further than JOBR Tech.

What is Low Volume Injection Molding?

Low volume injection molding (LVMI) is a manufacturing process that uses low injection pressures and lower volumes of plastic to create products. This process produces products with intricate details and a high level of precision, making it the perfect option for products that require delicate design or high levels of accuracy.

Advantages of Low Volume Injection Molding

  1. Low Cost: The biggest advantage of LVI is its low cost per unit. While traditional methods may require more expensive tooling and materials, LVI can often be completed at a lower cost due to its automation capabilities.
  2. Quick turnaround times: Unlike traditional methods, which often require lengthy lead times between design and production, LVI can often produce products within days or weeks. This quick turnaround time allows businesses to meet ever-tightening deadlines without sacrificing quality.
  3. Reduced manufacturing defects:Machining complications are one of the most common causes of manufacturing defects, and they often result in increased costs and delays. With LVI, however, you can drastically reduce the chances of experiencing these complications by using automated machines that minimize human error.


JOBR Tech’s low volume injection molding services can help you streamline your production process and achieve the same quality results as more expensive methods, but without all of the extra expenses.

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