How to See the Color of Cockfighting Lives Accurately According to Date, Five Elements, and Feather Color

Surely players are no longer unfamiliar with the term cockfighting network color, however, not everyone knows whether this network color is good or bad. This is an important factor affecting the match results, article below New88 https://new889.blue/ will share the most accurate viewing method to help bettors easily enter the game.

What is the color of the cockfighting network?

The color of the cockfighting network is how to see the cock according to factors such as language, date, and feng shui. Each method will also be different, in which viewing according to the five elements is still the most popular with the elements being: Metal, Fire, Earth, Wood, Water.

Based on this basis, the cockmasters have applied the principle and to this day it is still very effective. Compatible factors will depend heavily on the color of the feathers and now, the breeding season of the cock, when looking at the color of the cock will include the following:

  • Check the feathers with the corresponding five elements.
  • The feather color of the chicken is different from the cockerel’s date of birth.
  • The color of the cock’s coat depends on the season.
  • Consider the cockfighting network color by day.

Why is it necessary to see the color of the cockfighting network?

In the process of taking care of chickens, in addition to nutrition, external factors such as weather also have a great influence. However, not everyone understands this clearly, so players have analyzed based on choosing the cockfighting network color to help increase their chances of winning.

To do this successfully, you first need to preview the network color of a group before officially competing. Avoiding two cocks with highly contrasting levels will lead to losing bets, this will also help your strategy to have the best health.

What are the colors of fighting cocks?

Fighting cocks will be divided into 5 destiny according to the five elements. To see the exact color of life, you need to know which destiny your fighting cock belongs to. This is a fate that is mutually compatible or mutually exclusive, capable of winning or not.

Destiny Kim

Chickens with this destiny often have white-yellow or metallic feathers. Currently, the most common type is the white swallow with black legs and the color of the webbing. If you have the metal element, it will be stronger when it is yellow or white. Currently, Metal chicken breeds such as banana chickens, cotton chickens…

Destiny Wood

Chickens with the Earth element will have light gray feathers, neck combs, lower feathers and toes. Currently, there are very few green chickens, so currently chicken breeders focus on gray chickens, chicken breeds of the Earth element such as butterfly chickens, owl chickens, gray chickens…

Destiny Thuy

Chickens of the Water element usually have dark blue or jet black feathers… When observing a cock with black natural feathers, the Water character is stronger. If these chickens have yellow, white or gray legs, they will be very suitable for the Metal element.

Destiny Fire

If the cock has the color of the Fire element, the most prominent characteristics are red, orange, purple… Currently, the most common color is red. You often encounter red chickens and blonde chickens with the flower element and have very good compatibility with the Metal element.

Par brothels

Chickens of the Earth element are considered the most common, fighting cocks will be brown, yellow-brown and earthy in color. This color is often found in owl chickens, stick chickens and burnt chickens. This element is most compatible with the Fire element.

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The most accurate way to see cockfighting network colors

When participating in cockfighting betting, you will certainly pay attention to factors such as the color of the life or the actual health of the cock. Below is the most accurate viewing method that can be applied to increase your chances of winning.

View network color by day

When viewing the color of the day, you need to determine what the color of the destiny is and follow these instructions:

  • First, you need to provide complete information about the date and time of participating in the competition to have the most correct feng shui when playing.
  • Next is to grasp the cycle of mutual generation and opposition of the 5 destiny in the five elements of yin and yang.
  • For competition days that do not care about the five elements of the lunar calendar, it is best to choose a day and time that is compatible with each other, so you will have good luck and get the best results when competing, increasing your chances of winning.

Besides, players also need to clearly understand the meaning of time and date for fighting cocks, so choosing chickens is easier. You also need to pay attention to the selection time, which is also very important when looking at the color of the chicken’s web.

See the color of cockfighting lives according to the five elements

The Five Elements are indispensable stars in everyday life and are related to feng shui and spiritual elements. To see the color of the cockfighting network accurately, players need to understand the cycle of mutuality and interaction.

In this cycle of mutual generation, there will be systems such as Wood giving birth to Fire – Fire giving birth to Earth – Earth giving birth to Metal – Metal giving birth to Water – Water giving birth to Wood. The circle of compatibility will be Wood overcomes Earth – Earth overcomes Water – Water overcomes Fire – Fire overcomes Metal – Metal overcomes Wood.

See color based on chicken feathers

Currently, many people predict the color of the chicken’s feathers. This distinction and prediction will be based on the comb and mane on the neck. This is the most important part to consider and the rest are just secondary. The most highly rated fighting cocks will have purple feathers and other colors such as: umbrella – gray – cashew – yellow – swallow.

View network color by hour

According to the rule, each zodiac animal will have 2 hours, 12 zodiac animals should be counted as 24. Rat hour is from 11pm to 1am, Ox hour is from 1-3am…. Hoi time from 9-11pm. Thus, when competing, the cocker can see the color every hour and calculate the most effective match cycle, helping the cock win easily.

Above is information about cockfighting network colors to help you make the best choices and results when participating in the match. Hopefully players will have dramatic bets and bring back attractive rewards when winning other cocks.

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