Kalyan Starline and Milan Starline: Which one is better?


Kalyan starline and milan starline are the part of starline bazar. These both games are of top quality and can easily make anyone rich. It all depends on how you play these games and your capability to invest in them. It  is hard to identify which one is better because both of them help many players across India to become financially free. In the paragraph ahead we are going to discuss the key difference between the games so that you can identify which satta matka game is best. If you are a fan of these games and looking for more games like this then our website satta matka mobi is flooded with games like this.

What is Starline Bazar?

Before talking about the game it is important to understand how starline bazaar works. On our website there are many matka games available and it is hard to manage all those games under one name so that’s why the founder introduced three bazaars and starline bazaar is one of them. In these three bazaars they stuff all the bazaar games. In starline bazar there are three games available, kalyan starline and milan starline are two of them.

How to play Kalyan Starline?

One of the famous and interesting games to play is kalyan starline. These games are so advanced that they can make anyone rich if played properly. The rules are so easy that a child can also understand. In order to win in the game a participant has to choose a pair of numbers ranging 0 to 9. Players can choose single digit, double digit ( jodi) and triple digit (patti) from the given set of numbers. The results are displayed at the end of the game on the same website and if a player wants to access it manually he/she can do it by opening the Kalyan starline panel chart. According to starline bazaar a player can bet twelve times in a day. The opening time of this game is 11:00 AM and the closing time is 10:00 PM. Starting from the opening time with one hour difference a player can play this game twelve times till the closing. That means at 11:00 then 12:00 then 1:00 and like this till 10:00 PM.

How to play Milan Starline?

Another game in Starline Bazar is Milan starline. According to gamers it is fun and thrilling to play. The rules of this game are the same as the kalyan starline. A player has to choose a pair of numbers ranging from 0 to 9.if the numbers they choose get drawn in the result then the player is declared as a winner. The results are displayed at the end of the game on the same website. In this game also a player can bet twelve times in a day. The time to play this game is 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM. Between this tie a player can bet twelve times. According to the rules it is not compulsory to twelve times. The minimum is one and the maximum is dependent on the player’s choice. According to experts the beginner shouldn’t bet twelve times in these games because there is a chance that the player will end up losing all the money because he does not have any prior experience of the game.

Tips To Predict Right number

Use Panel Chart

For the game kalyan starline and milan starline there is no jodi chart available only panel charts are available. In the panel chart the satta matka results that are drawn in the past are displayed in the chronological order. Starting from date then time and then the ideal winning number. In the panel chart the patti numbers are also shown from which the winning number is drawn. You can use this for one more reason also. This chart can help you to predict the future result if you read it properly. When you read this chart properly you will come to know that there are some numbers that are repeated many times and this same number can get drawn in the upcoming results. If you want you can use them in your betting. There is not a hundred percent chance that these numbers get drawn but it can increase your chances of winning.

Use Matka guessing forum

Matka guessing forum displays the pair of numbers that has high chances of getting drawn in the results. The numbers that we show in this forum are guessed by the experts and can increase your chances of winning.


Both dpboss games are best in order to become rich. The rules and other factors of the game are the same but the only factor which is different is the time to play these games. Both the games have different opening and closing times.

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