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Unlock the Potential of Scope Beam: Experience the Brilliance of Light Sky’s Mini Moving Light

When it comes to stage lighting that combines efficiency, versatility, and visual impact, look no further than the Scope Beam by Light Sky. This LED mini moving light is designed to deliver exceptional stage lighting effects. With its energy-efficient OSRAM 230W LED module, instant on/off functionality, and impressive dimming capabilities, the Scope Beam offers a compact and powerful lighting solution.

Efficiency and Longevity

The Scope Beam’s OSRAM 230W LED module ensures a remarkable lifespan of 50,000 hours, minimizing the need for frequent light source replacements. This longevity translates to cost savings and less downtime. Furthermore, this mini-beam light produces minimal heat radiation, making it environmentally friendly while maintaining its high performance.

Instant On/Off and Excellent Dimming

With instant turn-on and turn-off capabilities, the Scope Beam provides fast response times and precise lighting control. This feature enables energy savings and allows for seamless transitions between lighting effects. Additionally, the Scope Beam offers excellent linear dimming without any flickering or dithering, ensuring smooth and consistent lighting adjustments.

Uniform and Powerful Visual Effects

The Scope Beam boasts a sharp 7,700K color temperature, delivering uniform and high-brightness light that adds impact to your stage performances. With a beam range of 2.3 degrees (0.8° / 1.5° beam angle selection), it provides focused and controlled lighting effects. At a distance of 10 meters, the Scope Beam reaches an impressive luminance of 46,948 lux, guaranteeing powerful and captivating visual effects that will mesmerize your audience.

Reliable Control and Intelligent Features

The Scope Beam is equipped with advanced control capabilities. It supports DMX-512 and RDM protocols, allowing for seamless integration into your lighting setup. The display panel features a 2.0-inch LCD screen, providing essential information such as device usage time, temperature, channel data, and software version. Moreover, the fixture’s intelligent software enables error alarms for prompt troubleshooting and offers software upgrade options for enhanced functionality.


Light Sky’s Scope Beam stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in stage lighting. With its efficient and long-lasting LED module, instant on/off functionality, excellent dimming capabilities, and powerful visual effects, the Scope Beam is a remarkable mini moving light that delivers premium quality in a compact package.

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