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Transforming Pharmaceutical Packaging Dynamics with Pharmapack’s LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter

In the symphony of pharmaceutical production, where precision and speed harmonize, Pharmapack introduces the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter as the virtuoso conductor orchestrating seamless packaging. Delve into a world where every bottle becomes a note in the composition of efficiency, and discover how LFOS-20 is redefining the tempo of leaflet insertion with its avant-garde features. They have not just created a machine; they have composed a symphony of innovation and precision.

Versatility in Bottle Dimensions – Tailored for Your Needs

No two pharmaceutical products are the same, and neither are their packaging requirements. The LFOS-20 caters to a wide range of bottle specifications, accommodating diameters from 30 to 100mm and heights from 55 to 200mm. They understand that versatility is key in the pharmaceutical industry, and the LFOS-20 delivers just that.

Precision in Booklet Insertion – Small Size, Big Impact

When it comes to booklet specifications, the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them. With the ability to handle booklets as small as 30mm in length, 30mm in width, and 3mm in height, up to larger booklets measuring 70mm in length, 70mm in width, and 9mm in height, they have designed a machine that thrives on precision.

Powering Efficiency – LFOS-20’s 3.0KW Engine

Efficiency is not just about speed; it’s also about power. Pharmapack’s LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter is equipped with a robust 3.0KW power capacity, ensuring that your pharmaceutical packaging process remains not only fast but also reliable. They know the importance of a well-powered machine in the pursuit of seamless operations.


In conclusion, when it comes to leaflet insertion in pharmaceutical packaging, they have raised the bar with the LFOS-20. From impressive speeds to versatile bottle and booklet specifications, backed by a powerful 3.0KW engine, Pharmapack’s LFOS-20 is the solution for those seeking unparalleled efficiency in their packaging processes.

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