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Streamlining Your Home Automation Experience with akubela’s Smart Home Automation System

akubela is an experienced company that specializes in developing advanced and smart home automation system aimed at enhancing the security and comfort of your home. akubela is built around three core beliefs – communication, security and sustainability.

With years of experience and expertise, they have continuously evolved their products to provide cutting-edge solutions for modern homes and bring a sweeter and happier life for families. If you install akubela’s smart home automation system, you will be provided with numerous benefits.

Remote Access and Control

One of the most significant features of akubela HyPanel is its ability to connect with your smart phone or tablet remotely. This means that you can control your home automation system even when you are away from home. You can arm or disarm your security system, adjust lighting and temperature, lock doors, and check live camera feeds from anywhere in the world.

Environmentally Sustainable

At akubela, they value eco-friendly materials and use them in everything from their home automation products to their packaging. akubela HyPanel has noteworthy energy management features, which can assist your home in lowering carbon footprint. The smart home control system is also intended for continuous improvement. With its open architecture and OTA capability, you may constantly unlock third-party systems to meet your future requirements.

Customizable Settings

Each homeowner has different preferences when it comes to their home security needs. With akubela’s HyPanel, you have complete control over your settings and can customize them according to your preferences. You can set schedules for lighting, temperature, and humidity, as well as create custom scenes for different scenarios.


Overall, akubela HyPanel is an innovative and convenient device that offers a comprehensive solution for managing your smart home with its advanced features. It provides convenience, security, and energy efficiency all in one device and simplifies the management of all your connected devices, making your home smarter, safer, and more comfortable.

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