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Shenling’s High-Efficiency Air Source Heat Pump: Unveiling the Shenling Polestar Pro Series

With its ability to perform at extremely low ambient temperatures of -32 degrees and generate high output water temperatures of 62 degrees this adaptable system provides commercial settings with heating, cooling, and home hot water features.

Dynamic Regulation with Throttling Component

The Shenling Polestar Pro Series is equipped with a high-precision 480-class double electronic expansion valve, allowing for dynamic regulation and precise adjustments based on real-time load demand. This component enhances control speeds and accuracy, ensuring optimal system performance and efficiency.

System Protection and Maintenance with Y-Type Water Filter

Integrated into the system is a Y-type water filter with a 20-mesh design, serving as a protective measure against impurities that could compromise system performance. By preventing debris ingress, this filter safeguards system integrity and promotes longevity while facilitating easy maintenance and cleaning for sustained efficiency.


Shenling’s Polestar Pro Series Commercial Heat Pump exemplifies air source heat pump efficiency with its innovative technology, including a high-precision throttling component and a Y-type water filter for system protection. By investing in this reliable and high-performance heat pump, businesses can optimize their heating, cooling, and hot water systems with enhanced energy efficiency and operational excellence.

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