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Planetary Gear Motors: INEED Motors’ Key to Power and Accuracy

Planetary gear motors are a powerful combination of a planetary gearbox and a DC motor, designed to reduce speed and increase torque. INEED Motors, a leading manufacturer in the industry, offers an extensive range of DC planetary gear motors that cater to diverse applications. With a wide diameter range, voltage options, and impressive torque capabilities, INEED Motors provides reliable and efficient solutions for all your power transmission needs.

A Perfect Fusion of Gearbox and Motor

Planetary gear motors integrate a planetary gearbox and a DC motor, resulting in a compact and efficient driving device. The planetary gearbox, known for its exceptional torque and speed reduction capabilities, is combined with a robust DC motor to deliver optimal performance. This fusion of elements makes planetary gear motors a preferred choice for applications requiring precise control and high torque output.

Extensive Diameter Range and Torque Options

INEED Motors offers a comprehensive selection of planetary gear motors with diameters ranging from 6mm to 42mm. This versatility ensures that customers can find the perfect fit for their specific requirements. The rated voltage ranges from 2V DC to 24V DC, providing flexibility in power supply. Additionally, the torque range spans from 5.0 to 50.0, allowing customers to select the appropriate torque level for their application.

Constant Innovation and Product Expansion

INEED Motors is committed to continuous innovation and expanding its product line to meet evolving market demands. With a focus on customer satisfaction, INEED Motors has successfully developed solutions with even greater torque, ensuring enhanced performance for esteemed customers. While offering expanded torque capabilities, INEED Motors remains dedicated to maintaining the high-quality standards within the specified torque range.


INEED Motors stands at the forefront of planetary gear motor manufacturing, providing power and precision for various applications. With their seamless integration of a planetary gearbox and a DC motor, INEED Motors’ planetary gear motors offer compactness, efficiency, and exceptional torque output. From a wide diameter range to flexible voltage options, INEED Motors ensures a perfect match for your power transmission needs. Partner with INEED Motors to experience the reliability, innovation, and expanding product line of planetary gear motors.

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