Optimization tips for tweaking your campaign for better profit

I’ve touched on a handful of secrets of successful pay-per-click campaigns, but I’m going to wrap up this special bonus chapter with the most important habit for pay-per-click success. Review your campaign regularly. Leaving an AdWords campaign running without keeping your head around the performance is like leaving a freight train running without a driver.

Regularly review your ad performance, ad group performance, keyword performance, and cost-per-click performance. This will allow you to back the winning horses of your campaign, and swiftly cut the losers. Fortunately, the AdWords platform offers endless opportunities for deep insights into the performance of your campaign.

Ad group performance. Review click-through-rates, cost-per-click, and costper-conversion. Allocate more funds from your campaign to winning ad groups, and decrease funds or pause losing ad groups if you see any obvious trends.

Ad performance. Look for winning ads with higher click-through-rates, lower cost-per-clicks, and lower cost-per-conversion. Pause expensive ads, and create new ads to split-test based on your winners. Progressively build up new ads with higher click-through-rates into your campaign over time.

Keyword performance. Review which keywords are running at a higher cost, which keywords have low quality scores, and see if you can pause any overly budget-draining keywords with low conversions. That wraps up the special bonus chapter on AdWords.

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords – Perry Marshall The ultimate guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall is often the starting point for many professionals starting out with PPC. Offers a great overview of AdWords and delves into the ‘inner game’ of successful AdWords campaigns.

The advice in this book is more than enough to get started in SEO and increase rankings, traffic and sales for your site. But don’t forget why we learn SEO in the first place. The details are important, but don’t get bogged down in them.

It’s painfully easy to get lost in the endless sea of information on SEO and never make any progress with your projects or goals. What matters is you optimize your site well enough to beat your competitors, make more sales, and grow your business. These strategies work for my projects, they work for my clients and they will work for you.

Final thoughts

You could spend decades reading all the different techniques for SEO and never get anywhere. After years of learning what works and what doesn’t, I’ve presented the most effective tactics for SEO and kept this book up-to-date in the face of constant Google changes, to help readers quickly and effectively become skilled at SEO at a professional level.

If your site shows stronger signals to Google than your competitors, you will beat them in the rankings. Most importantly, have fun with it.

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