New Era for Automation Dominated by ForwardX AMR

The picking process is the foundation of warehousing and logistics, and the operational efficiency of this process directly impacts operating costs and the overall workflow of the entire logistics center. For warehousing and logistics, automation is an inevitable trend for upgrading progress. ForwardX is a professional manufacturer of AMRs that are highly adaptable and flexible to operate in factories of all scales, helping to upgrade factory automation.

From human operation to machine work

By introducing ForwardX’s AMRs and f(x) Fleet Manager to optimize cluster scheduling systems, the warehousing and logistics industry has been able to upgrade the original traditional manual approach to a flexible, intelligent automation solution through AMR collaboration.

The ForwardX f(x) system: AMRs’ commander-in-chief

The f(x) system developed by ForwardX optimizes routes and directs workflows through artificial intelligence algorithms. By rationalizing the cooperation between AMRs and staff, the picking rate of goods is significantly increased. AMRs’ application makes a much more efficient workflow for goods picking.

The importance of adaptability: ForwardX AMRs’ flexibility

AMRs are also incredibly flexible and scalable to handle order surges from shopping festivals or product promotions. Visit the official website of ForwardX for more information on their efficiency promoting AMRs.

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