Lottery prediction for silver memory – Learn how to play lottery according to silver memory extremely accurately

Check the lottery and remember Used by many lottery experts to find the correct numbers to play every day. The form of playing lottery in the form of memory is highly appreciated because it brings the best results. This article will help you discover the unique method of playing lottery according to your memory Nhà cái New88.

What does silver lottery prediction mean?

Check the lottery and remember is a form of searching for numbers that often appear together according to signs. For example, when you see this number, that number will definitely come back. Call it a bridge because these signs appear frequently and within a certain period of time.

Lottery prediction is a simple method of finding lottery numbers

Many people choose the lottery memorization method to apply in the process of finding numbers. The numbers found by this method are very effective. Especially when playing online lottery at New88. As long as you apply the correct rules, you can bet and win.

Learn how to play the lottery with super good memory from an expert

The silver prediction method is a playing formula that many players have applied and succeeded. To be able to play with this method, you can refer to the following ways to play lottery according to memory:

When looking at the silver lottery, remember to follow the numbers from the previous day

For this type, you will rely on the previous day’s lottery results to predict the next day’s lottery numbers. This method is super easy and it usually has the following results:

Lottery prediction by lot

  • If the previous day’s lottery number was 76, the next day there will often be numbers 56, 77, 80, 88.
  • If there was lot 01 the day before, the next day there might be lot 89 or 80.
  • If lot 36 came in yesterday, it could come in lot 60, 68, 68 today.
  • If you see the number 72 today, then tomorrow you will remember that numbers 21, 33, 57 will appear.
  • The previous day’s lottery number was 14, but the next day it often came back 99, 95, 59.
  • Seeing that today’s numbers are 00, 09, 90, tomorrow the numbers 12, 21, 22, 11 often appear.

You can still do more statistics over a long period of time to catch good numbers according to the above signs.

If you bet on money, remember to return

The way to bet on the lottery according to the memory of the lottery is also known as catching the special prize from the previous day. Way Lottery prediction, remember This is the most common type of memory gambling used. The most common way is to remember according to the total topic. Below are common cases:

  • If today the total number is 9, tomorrow there will be numbers with a total of 5 or 7.
  • If today the total is 8, tomorrow you should play the lottery with a total of 2.
  • Yesterday the lottery total was 7, so today choose the lottery with a total of 9 or 1.
  • In case today’s total number is 6, tomorrow the total number 4 will likely appear.
  • When you see the total number is 5, the next day, play the total number 6 or 8.
  • When the total comes to number 4, the next day you can choose whether the total number is 2 or 7 to win.
  • If the total is 3 today, then tomorrow the total is 9 and 4.
  • If you see a total of 2, remember that the next day is a total of 0 or a total of 6.
  • In case total 1 comes today, tomorrow total 9 or total 5 comes back.
  • If you see the total is 0 (ie 10), tomorrow it may be total 1 or total 9.

If you don’t understand the general topic clearly, you can learn more here NEW88 There are detailed instructions. This form of finding silver coins is also very high quality.

When reading the lottery, remember from the beginning to mute and the tail to being mute

If you remember to find the standard and most effective way, it must be about silent lotteries. This form of finding silver lottery memory brings accuracy of 80% or more, ensuring easy winning:
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Check silver and remember according to silent numbers

Silver remembers to search from the beginning

  • At first there is 1, then the next day there are often numbers 18, 16
  • When the beginning is 0, tomorrow it will usually return 00, 06
  • If dumb head 2 appears, tomorrow bet on numbers 22, 28
  • Seeing the dumb 3, you will remember the number 30, 37
  • And when you see a dumb 4, tomorrow it usually comes to 48, 45
  • If you have a dumb 5 today, you should play 59 or 51 tomorrow
  • If you see the dumb 6 coming in, the next day you will immediately close on numbers 69 and 66
  • Silver remembers that the dumb head has 7 tomorrows or has 78, 73
  • If the first number is 8, tomorrow 80 or 82 will appear
  • If the dumb head 9 appears, tomorrow bet on 94, 99

When looking at the lottery, remember to follow the dumb tail

  • The mute tail number is 9, tomorrow bet on 29, 49
  • If the tail is mute 8 tomorrow, choose numbers 78, 38
  • If the tail is mute 7, then the final number is 47, 17 for the next day
  • If you see a dumb ass 6, choose lot 06, 96 tomorrow
  • If you remember the mute tail is 5, tomorrow bet on 15, 85
  • Seeing the mute tail, 4 quick pins numbered 34, 74 for the next day
  • When the silent tail 3 appears tomorrow, choose numbers 63, 03
  • If mute ass 2 appears, the next day it will be 42 or 92
  • If you see a mute tail of 1, then tomorrow it will be numbers 71, 31
  • If you see a dumb ass of 0, the next day choose the silver lot, remember 50, 10


Check the lottery and remember is a great and simple way to search for lottery numbers. You can easily find good numbers every day this way. We hope that our above suggestions on how to play memory card games can help you play the lottery successfully.

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