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Introducing DAYA’s Series F: Elevating Bathrooms with Rectangular Shower Base Excellence for Wholesale Distributors

The choice of a rectangular shower base holds immense significance in designing functional and aesthetically pleasing bathrooms. DAYA‘s Series F stands tall among its counterparts, offering wholesale distributors a range of sizes, coupled with health-conscious features and easy maintenance, redefining shower experiences with its rectangular design.

Series F Rectangular Shower Base: Redefining Space and Hygiene

Varied Sizes for Versatility: DAYA’s Series F encompasses various sizes, including the expansive 1700mm large shower tray, catering to diverse bathroom layouts and customer preferences.

Healthy Bathroom Standards: Series F undergoes meticulous testing for antibacterial activity, adhering to ISO 22196:2011 standards. This emphasis on hygiene ensures that the shower base maintains a clean and healthy environment for users.

Ease of Cleaning: The shallow design of Series F’s rectangular shower base covers a smaller area, facilitating easier cleaning. With no inaccessible or hard-to-clean areas, maintaining hygiene becomes effortless.

Why Choose DAYA’s Series F for Wholesale Distribution

Diverse Sizing Options: The availability of various sizes, including the notably spacious 1700mm large shower tray, offers distributors the flexibility to cater to different customer preferences and bathroom layouts.

Hygienic Assurance: DAYA’s commitment to adhering to ISO standards for antibacterial activity ensures that the Series F rectangular shower base promotes a healthy bathroom environment, a crucial consideration for customers.

Effortless Maintenance: The shallow design not only aids in easy cleaning but also contributes to an overall hassle-free maintenance experience, guaranteeing a pristine shower area without the struggle of reaching difficult spots.

Conclusion: Enhancing Bathroom Experiences with Series F

For wholesale distributors aiming to offer customers a blend of functionality, hygiene, and convenience in their bathroom fittings, DAYA’s Series F rectangular shower base emerges as an exceptional choice. Its versatile sizing, hygiene-centric features, and easy maintenance promise a shower experience that prioritizes both comfort and cleanliness, setting new benchmarks in modern bathroom design.

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