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HIKMICRO M15: Advanced Infrared Wildlife Camera with Real-Time 4G Network Transmission

Experience the next level of wildlife monitoring with the HIKMICRO M15 Infrared Wildlife Camera. Designed to capture game efficiently, the M15 features advanced infrared technology and convenient 4G network reception and transmission. With its cost-efficient data plan and flexible options, the M15 ensures you never miss a moment in the wilderness.

Exceptional Features

HIKMICRO M15 Infrared Wildlife Camera The HIKMICRO M15 Infrared Wildlife Camera is engineered for precision and efficiency in wildlife monitoring. Equipped with advanced infrared technology, the M15 captures clear and detailed images of wildlife day or night, providing valuable insights into animal behavior and habitat usage.

Real-Time 4G Network Transmission

Stay connected and informed with real-time photo transmission via the M15’s 4G cellular network capabilities. Receive captured photos directly to your cellphone, ensuring you stay updated on wildlife activity as it happens.

Cost-Efficient and Flexible Data Plan

HIKMICRO M15 Infrared Wildlife Camera Enjoy peace of mind with the M15’s cost-efficient and flexible data plan. With 100 free pictures every 30 days, you have ample opportunities to monitor wildlife without additional costs. Choose from a range of data plans to suit your needs, ensuring you have access to the photos you require without overspending.


In summary, the HIKMICRO M15 Infrared Wildlife Camera offers advanced features for efficient wildlife monitoring. With its infrared technology, real-time 4G network transmission, and cost-efficient data plan, the M15 provides unparalleled convenience and reliability in capturing and monitoring wildlife. Elevate your wildlife monitoring experience with the HIKMICRO M15 and gain valuable insights into the natural world around you.

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