From Start to Finish: How Weijin Electric Makes the Best Bakery Ovens

Attention all baking enthusiasts! If you’re looking for the perfect oven to bake your delicious treats, look no further than Weijin Electric. As one of the leading bakery oven manufacturers in the industry, they’ve mastered the art of creating ovens that produce mouth-watering results and make the baking process easier and more efficient.

Weijin Electric is the leading bakery oven manufacturer in China. We have 6 production lines, over 300 workers and modern production facilities covering 30,000m2, and the monthly output reaches 120,000 pcs, maximum can be 150,000 pcs now. Our products lineup from 7L to 100L and all of them have been approved with CE/ GS/ EMC/ CB/ ETL/ ERP/ RoHS/ REACH/ Food Contact. We keep investing big money to develop new products, and we have sold to many noted brands successfully worldwide.

We have been providing high-quality bakery ovens to our customers for over years. We believe that providing the highest quality products and services is the best way to serve our customers.

Our bakery ovens are designed with performance in mind. They are built precisely, producing consistent results each time you bake something. Our ovens also have various features that make them easy to use and manage, such as an automatic cleaning function.

Weijin Electric takes pride in our manufacturing process. Our experts work tirelessly to create the best bakery ovens on the market. We ensure that all of our products meet or exceed your expectations.

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