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Embracing the Booming Market: QMY’s Global Expansion Plans

With the electric scooter with led lights and micro-mobility sector projected to become a multi-billion dollar industry by 2030, leading manufacturers are well-poised for worldwide growth. As the market pioneer with a strong safety-first reputation, QMY has announced ambitious globalization plans to capitalize on rising overseas demand.

Strategic International Production

In addition to its existing facilities, QMY will soon break ground on new production sites in key regions like Europe and Southeast Asia to directly serve local markets. This will allow for localized designs tailored to each area.

Enhanced Technical Support Abroad

Accompanying its manufacturing expansion, QMY is boosting after-sales support worldwide by establishing international supply chains and authorized service centers. Continuous remote technical support will also be provided.

A Commitment to Global Standards

By positioning itself as a global leader, QMY remains dedicated to high product standards regardless of location. Safety remains the top priority as adoption increases on an international scale. With proven success in strategically expanding its presence, QMY is well-equipped to tap rising demand and cement its title as the most trusted electric scooter brand worldwide.


QMY has emerged as a trusted source for businesses seeking affordable electric scooters for sale. With a wide range of options, unwavering focus on quality, technical innovation, and extensive business coverage, QMY stands out as a brand prioritizing value for money. Businesses can rely on QMY to provide cost-effective electric scooters without compromising on performance, making them a smart investment for any mobility needs.

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