Consistent Power Supply: EvoTec Power Alternator Products

EvoTec Power offers a wide range of high performance alternator products for industrial as well as marine use. From the small water-cooled professional products to the fully advanced marine product range alternator, all were derived from a reliable industrial product range and gradually developed into a fully approved marine product. From very small to very large vessels, providing power for essential and non-essential tasks. Full recognition from the global market proves the competitiveness of EvoTec Power in this market segment. Come and see why they stand out.

Very long service life

EvoTec Power’s alternators are built with low maintenance and long life in mind. The bearings have a service life of up to 40,000 hours and the windings have a high level of protection.

When maintenance is required, EvoTec Power’s professional after-sales service team can be easily contacted. The commonality of components ensures that spare parts are available worldwide. Dedicated after-sales engineers greet customers with enthusiasm as well as professionalism.

Compact marine alternators

EvoTec Power’s marine alternators are among the most compact and lightweight alternator sets, and the high efficiency of EvoTec Power’s high-end machines is a testament to the technical prowess and advanced design of EvoTec Power’s products.

Seek detailed information at EvoTec Power’s official website!

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