A Better Future for Health with AEDs from Mindray

An innovative technological company from China is called Mindray. They provided high-quality AED supplies consistently since they were experts in the field. As a leading AED provider, they offer advanced AED purchase options to the world to prevent heart attacks from taking more people’s lives.

Mindray produces intelligent AEDs.

Additionally, Mindray is improving the functionality of its AEDs to increase the products’ intelligence and usability, buy more valuable time for patients, and raise the success rate of resuscitation.

The 360J defibrillation power of the Mindray Beneheart S series and pre-charging technology that enables “open the lid and turn on, from power on to discharge in 7 seconds” help rescuers perform the first defibrillation more swiftly. In the past, such technology was only available in AEDs made for operating rooms.

At the same time, Mindray’s AEDs are easy to use and require little training. They can detect difficulties the rescuer faces while delivering help, automatically changing animated advice and voice prompts to give the rescuer specific instructions and enhance emergency services. Most crucial, raise the first aid success rate.

AEDs contribute to a healthier and better future.

AEDs are expected to become more popular in the future, so Mindray will continue to improve the technical capabilities of AEDs, focusing on their quickness, intelligence, ease of use, first-aid effectiveness, reliability, and other innovations, to enhance first-aid standards across the board, making the use of AEDs more convenient, and facilitating public assistance.

Visit the official website of Mindray for detailed information!

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