Why should entrepreneurs set up businesses in the DIFC?

Dubai is a fast-growing economy that offers great benefits to foreign investors who are setting up their businesses in the city. If one wants to build a foundation in DIFC free-zone, one can seek help from expert TASC business set-up consultants. This region provides unparalleled world-class advantages that make DIFC business setup immensely enticing. The following are the benefits of setting up a business in the DIFC-

  1. This free zone permits foreigners to have complete ownership of their businesses.
  2. Entrepreneurs don’t have to pay any taxes on their business income or profits for a long time which is greatly beneficial. This is supplemented by the country’s government drawing treaties with different nations to avoid paying taxes twice.
  3. This thriving business centre has an independent and greatly respected law regulation and court system. They work transparently and avoid impartialities.
  4. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of its highly sophisticated and advanced transportation and communication system. There are different commercial spaces, office shells and other infrastructure options available. There is, thus, something for everyone.
  5. Investors have complete freedom for repatriation of capital- investment and profits.

Due to myriad benefits, it is greatly advantageous to set up a business in a thriving business hub- DIFC. But entrepreneurs need someone to support them at various important stages that can speed up licensing and registration processes. TASC Corporate Services in Dubai can help entrepreneurs navigate this free zone’s legal procedures and provide strong legal support. This allows businesses to conduct their operations with great confidence. The following are the advantages of availing the services of businesses set up consultants if one wants to work in the vibrant DIFC community-

  1. Experienced consultants- Setting up a business in DIFC requires entrepreneurs to comply with certain rules and regulations. Experienced consultants are well aware of all the local laws and restrictions and have ways to navigate tricky and complex processes. They, thus, make the entire setup process quick and efficient. Since they work with different businesses, they are capable of providing unique, bespoke and artistic solutions. They not only provide valuable services at the incorporation stage but also help businesses grow and expand. They can do this by helping investors connect with the right people and potential business partners in Dubai. If a business desires, business consultants can share up-to-date market information and assist in decision-making. Their help is greatly helpful in foreign territories as they act as a mediator between government authorities and investors.
  2. Make setup process easy- Business set-up consultants compile and submit all the necessary forms and documents for business incorporation or registration to local authorities on the behalf of investors. The documents required may be a comprehensive business plan, information regarding major shareholders and how they plan to operate and conduct audits etc. This can be done online and remotely, thus, eliminating the need for entrepreneurs to be physically present at the government offices while submitting applications for approvals. The investors don’t even have to lift their fingers and all work is done with complete satisfaction. The consultants work in a streamlined way and can also help in choosing the right type of legal entity, licenses, office space etc., as per one’s business type. All these decisions need proper attention. These choices are very important and can protect entrepreneurs from getting into any legal troubles in future.
  3. Reduce burden- Different free zones in UAE including DIFC have a unique set of rules and regulations. Entrepreneurs need to take care of several legal formalities when setting up new businesses in DIFC. Alongside they have to focus on their business operations which can be tiring. If investors don’t have a good understanding of the system, they can make mistakes which can extend the duration of business set-up and any delays cost money. Business set-up consultants take care of all needs- big or small and reduce the burden on their client’s shoulders. Their efficient services and streamlined processes make entrepreneurs worry-free. They help at every important stage- opening bank accounts, visa issuance, and checking if DIFC is a suitable location for one’s business. Even if investors get into some legal issues, they can help them overcome complex challenges. They reduce the possibility of making critical errors when making important decisions. The businesses can solely focus on achieving their goals. Whatever the problem may be business consultants provide prompt solutions and reduce unnecessary stress and hassle.
  4. Transparent prices- Business set-up consultants in DIFC keep all the applications and other charges associated with business set-up transparent to maintain fairness. Since they are well aware of local market trends, they can suggest ways for a business to outperform its competitors and succeed. They assist in cost-effective business set up. They, thus, ensure efficient business functioning and maximise profitability.
  5. Reduce set-up time- Business set-up consultants have years of experience under their belts. They are competent individuals who possess adequate resources and are well-versed with DIFC requirements. Without their help, entrepreneurs might feel directionless and face difficulties in completing paperwork and formalities. They will spend long hours running from one office to other which is cumbersome. Licensing and regulations processes will, thus, take longer than necessary if one doesn’t avail services of business consultants. If entrepreneurs want to deepen their knowledge of DIFC’s legal system and build a strong base in a small amount of time, business consultants can be the right strategic partners.


Dubai is a technology-driven city that attracts investors from around the globe because of its comfortable and high-quality lifestyle, sound infrastructure, presence of free zones, ease of business setup and supportive laws. DIFC provides a wealth of opportunities to everyone who wants to establish their businesses in this area. Entrepreneurs who wish to reap great profits and need help in business formation and incorporation can work with TASC Corporate Services who provide excellent support and assistance even long after the setup process is complete. Their priority is complete client satisfaction and help in quick, seamless and cost-efficient business formation and incorporation.

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