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Upgrading Outdoor Ads with LEDMAN NS Series Advertising LED Screens

Impactful visual messages in outdoor advertising campaigns are delivered by outdoor advertising LED display screens. The NS Series advertising LED display screen is available from industry leader LEDMAN and is known for its high protection and versatility. Find out how the LEDMAN NS Series may improve your billboard campaigns.

High Protection for Outdoor Durability

LEDMAN Double Waterproof G-TILE Module

LEDMAN NS Series advertising LED display screens feature the innovative LEDMAN Double Waterproof G-TILE module. This advanced module provides dual protection, effectively safeguarding the screen’s surface and internal components from rain and other environmental factors. The high protection feature ensures the durability and longevity of the display screen, even in challenging weather conditions.

Reliable Performance in Outdoor Settings

LEDMAN NS Series advertising LED display screens exhibit reliable performance in outdoor environments. The high protection design enables the screens to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, dust, and extreme temperatures. This ensures uninterrupted advertising displays and reduces maintenance requirements, providing a reliable solution for outdoor advertising campaigns.

Multiple Cabinet Sizes for Versatile Applications

Produced in Various Cabinet Sizes

LEDMAN NS Series advertising LED display screens offer versatility through multiple cabinet sizes. This range of sizes allows for flexible installation and customization to fit different application scenarios. Whether it’s a shopping mall, stadium, or transportation hub, LEDMAN NS Series can create impactful advertising displays in various outdoor locations.

Meeting Different Application Scenarios

LEDMAN NS Series advertising LED display screens are the ideal choice for meeting different application scenarios. With a versatile range of cabinet sizes, they can be installed in diverse outdoor environments, catering to the specific advertising needs of different industries and businesses. LEDMAN NS Series ensures that your advertising messages reach the right audience in the most effective way.


High protection, consistent performance, and versatile cabinet sizes make LEDMAN NS Series advertising LED display screens ideal for outdoor advertising campaigns. For dramatic and reliable outdoor advertising displays, LEDMAN NS Series is robust and versatile. Upgrade your outdoor advertising with LEDMAN NS Series to attract your target audience.

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