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Sorter conveyor equipment is a key piece of equipment in any logistics operation. This equipment helps sort and organize items as they move through a warehouse or distribution center. Understanding these machines allows you to make better decisions when purchasing and using them in your business.

What is sorter conveyor equipment?

Sorter conveyor equipment is a tool used to organize products according to size or shape. Items can be delivered to a specific area after being sorted by specified computer instructions. It is utilized throughout a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, logistics for couriers, and airports. Both bulk and single products can be transported using this kind of conveyor.

A sorter conveyor from Pteris Global is a good option to consider if you want to operate your logistics company effectively. It’s a terrific method to streamline your business operations and save time.

Logistics equipment available in Pteris Global

There is a variety of logistics equipment available for logistics companies. Depending on the type of material being sorted and the needs of the business, different types of equipment may be more appropriate. Some common types of equipment offered by Pteris Global include:

– Conveyor belts. These conveyors move material along a straight path, often using one or more rollers to help move the material. Belt sorters can sort materials by size, weight, or other characteristics.

– Forklift. Forklifts are perfect for moving large amounts of material in a warehouse or manufacturing facility and can transport materials forward or backward.

– Pallet Lifts. Pallet jacks are used to lift and move pallets of goods and usually have two arms that grip the top and bottom corners of the pallet.

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