How to Choose A COVID-19 Test Kit Supplier

Sansure is a provider of in vitro diagnostics solutions, and its COVID-19 test kits are sold all over the world. This article also provides some helpful tips for choosing the right type of COVID-19 test kit supplier for your needs.

How Does COVID-19 Test Kit Work?

1) PCR – This method detects specific genetic sequences found in coronavirus samples. It is susceptible and specific, making it a preferred tool for detecting low levels of viruses. PCR can also determine if a person has been infected with a particular strain of the virus.

2) RT-PCR – This method uses reverse transcriptase and polymerase to create copies of viral RNA. It is less sensitive than PCR but can be used to confirm a diagnosis or track the spread of a particular strain of coronavirus.

3) ELISA – This assay uses antibodies to detect specific proteins found in COVID-19 samples. It is not as sensitive as other tests but can be used to find people infected with multiple strains of the virus.

How to Choose a COVID-19 Test Kit Supplier?

Here are some tips for choosing the right COVID-19 test kit supplier:

First, check out the provider’s experience with COVID-19 testing. They should have ample experience with diagnosing and tracking outbreaks of this virus. In addition, they should have a strong collection of coronavirus test kits and supplies, and provide you with accurate and rapid results.

Second, make sure your chosen provider has a robust inventory of COVID-19 tests and supplies. This includes both new and used test kits as well as supplies like centrifuges and incubators. It’s important to have enough options so that you can find the best available test kit for your needs.

Last but not least, make sure you ask your chosen provider about their qualifications and certifications. This includes things like ISO 9001 certification or other relevant accreditations. Having these certifications will ensure that your data is reliable and consistent.


Are you looking for a reliable COVID-19 test kit supplier? If so, you’ll want to take a look at Sansure Biotech. We provide you with test kit options to meet your specific needs.

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