Discover the Versatility of BOPE matte film(EMT) from Weifu Packaging

BOPE (biaxially oriented polyethylene) film of Weifu Packaging is a popular material used in the packaging industry due to its various benefits such as high strength, flexibility, and excellent barrier properties. Weifu Packaging, a subsidiary company of Guangdong Weifu, has introduced a range of BOPE films that fulfill different packaging requirements. In this article, we will focus on one of their products – BOPE matte film(EMT).

Explore the Benefits of High Matt Effect, Excellent Dyne Retention, and Puncture Resistance for Your Packaging Needs

The BOPE film is designed to offer a high matt effect, providing a comfortable touch feeling to the packaging. This product also has excellent high dyne retention, which ensures that the ink, adhesive, or coating applied to the film adheres strongly. This feature makes it suitable for printing and lamination processes.

Another important feature of the BOPE matte film(EMT) is its high surface clarity and excellent visibility. This makes it ideal for packaging products that need to be displayed and showcased. The film’s transparency allows customers to see the product inside the package clearly, making it an ideal choice for packaging small electronic devices, precision instruments, and more.


In terms of applications, the BOPE matte film(EMT) is suitable for protective packaging of electronic devices, digital products, precision instruments, and more. It can be laminated with paper cartons, gift boxes, filling bags, and other materials.


The BOPE matte film(EMT) from Weifu Packaging is a high-quality product that offers excellent features such as high matt effect, comfortable touch feeling, high surface clarity, and excellent visibility. It is a versatile material suitable for various packaging applications and is an ideal choice for protecting delicate items during transport.

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