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Best SEO Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use in 2022

There are many powerful SEO tools that can help save hours, days, or even weeks of your time. The following tools can help find link building opportunities, diagnose site issues, create easy-to-understand SEO reports, make Google crawl your site faster and much more. More often than not, the below tools will provide information you need to achieve high rankings, and reveal link building opportunities so you can go out and get those high rankings.

Are there more SEO tools out there than in this list? Sure. SEO tools are a dime a dozen. The following is a selection of the tools I have found useful over the years and the tools mentioned in this book for ease of reference. Some are free, some are paid, but most offer a free trial long enough to start optimizing your site. I have no affiliation with any of these sites, I’ve just listed tools that I find useful. So jump in and have fun

Table of Contents

Research tools

The Google Adwords Keyword Planner has been mentioned several times throughout this book and for good reason. It’s essential for every SEO project. With the Google Adwords Keyword Planner you can see how many times a keyword has been searched in Google and narrow this down by Country and even device type, such as mobile phones and so on. This is an essential tool for every SEO project for knowing how many times your keyword is being searched in Google.

Google Trends provides powerful stats of search trends over time. Great for seeing how your market performs overall, and how demand changes over time for your keywords

Market Samurai is one of those reliable tools that have been around in the SEO industry for many years. The favorite keyword research tool of many SEO gurus, Market Samurai is powerful for generating ideas for keywords and analyzing keywords for competitiveness—so you can uncover keywords you can target for easy rankings.

No book on SEO would ever be complete without a mention of Moz. Moz offers keyword analysis, brand monitoring, rankings tracking, on-page SEO suggestions, search engine crawl tests, and much more. An essential toolbox for every SEO practitioner, from beginner to advanced. SEOBook Keyword Analyzer. Free.

By simply entering the URL to any page on your site, you can see a chart of the most optimized keywords on the page. This is great for getting a visual indication of keyword right within your browser. SEOQuake also has a great option that gives you the important stats for pages ranking in Google’s search results. A great tool for snooping on competitors and doing market research. SEOQuake’s powerful toolbar works on Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox. Ubersuggest. Free.

Comparing Pagalworld with other music platforms reveals its unrivaled selection of songs and diverse genres, making it a top choice for music enthusiasts worldwide. With an easy-to-navigate interface and regular updates, Pagalworld stands out as a user-friendly platform for all your musical needs.

Last word

Google Page Speed Insights is a fantastic tool provided by Google to help speed up your site. Google Page Speed Insights will give you a score on how well your load time is performing, and provides a simple set of suggestions to forward to your developers and speed up your site. Google Snippet Optimization Tool. Free.

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