A Diploma in Agriculture for Career Advancement

Stipulated by advancement, people of the world have shifted to technological occupations rather than choosing prime occupations.

Hope you are not of that kind as we find you in this blog.

If you are planning to establish your career in the traditional proud occupation of the nation, i.e., agriculture, then you are on the right page.

This blog is about to talk about the elementary level agricultural course, and diploma in agriculture offered at top diploma agriculture colleges, and reveals how it aids in your career advancement

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What is a Diploma in Agriculture?

A diploma in Agriculture is an elementary-level agricultural education course that quenches the strong passion of young generations to start their agriculture careers in an earlier agenda.

This course offered at the top diploma in agriculture colleges is a scratch-level course that introduces students to nature and engages them in learning agricultural practices from the base level.

This course installs a deep foundation in agricultural concepts via intense and clear educational modules.

Course Highlights of Diploma in Agriculture:

Are you planning to take up agriculture diploma in MP or other states? If yes, then here are the course highlights that you should know.


Duration 2 years
Eligibility Criteria The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a Diploma in Agriculture at top colleges such as Mansarovar Global University, the best university in Bhopal and others are as follows:

● Candidates should have completed 10th grade at any recognised educational institution with at least 50% aggregate score.

Candidates who have completed 10+2 with the science stream can make lateral entry to the second year of a Diploma in Agriculture.

Admission Procedure Admission to a Diploma in Agriculture at diploma agriculture colleges is provided on a merit basis considering 10th grade.

What will you learn in Diploma in Agriculture?

The syllabus of the Diploma in Agriculture is not confined to just agriculture but also introduces students to cross disciplines such as horticulture, apiculture, etc. This is of great help in deciding the further UG degree, wherein students can specialise in cross disciplines of agriculture as well.

Here is the syllabus for Diploma in Agriculture at the top universities in MP and other states.

Diploma in Agriculture First Year Syllabus
Introduction to Agriculture Principles of Insect Control
Principles of Agronomy Soil Chemistry
Fundamentals of Soil Science Agricultural Meteorology
Economic Botany Basics of Agricultural Engineering
Principles of Horticulture Livestock and Poultry Production
Biomathematics Plant Pathology
Fundamentals of Entomology Crop Production
Diploma in Agriculture Second Year Syllabus
Principles of Genetics Agricultural Statistics
Dairy Cattle and Buffalo Green House Technology
Diseases of Field Crop Plant Breeding
Pests and Pest Control Agricultural Microbiology
Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture Weed Management
Production of Technology for Food Crops Post-Harvest Technology
Water Management Seed production Technology
Plant Nutrition, Manures, and Fertilisers Plant Breeding

Now, find the reasons that make a diploma in agriculture as the best choice for career advancement.

How does a Diploma in Agriculture aid in career advancement?

Let us explore in what ways a diploma in agriculture aids career advancement.

Fundamental Agriculture Knowledge:

Fundamental foundational knowledge is always essential for any chosen stream and Sam agrees to agriculture.

Accepting the fact, diploma in agriculture colleges at renowned the best agriculture colleges in mp extends foundational level agriculture education that covers all the possible basic aspects one should know to make a career in agriculture.

This aspect of a diploma in agriculture aids in the strong career advancement of agriculture future professionals.

In-field Exposure:

Diploma in Agriculture pursued at renowned colleges such as Mansarovar Global University, one of the top universities in Bhopal, and others is an experiential learning course module that involves teaching students in-field and providing them hands-on training.

This course includes practical training or internships, providing you with hands-on experience in agricultural practices. This practical experience is highly valued by employers and can give you an edge in the job market.

Route to a career in a promising field:

As the Indian agricultural market is astoundingly developing with a market value of INR 80,550 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% from 2022 to 2030, the scope for agriculture is tremendous.

Taking up a diploma in agriculture unlocks a career in such a promising field, i.e., agriculture.

Diverse Career Fields:

Pursuing a diploma in agriculture at the top universities in MP and other states not confines your career to agriculture, but also offers an extended interdisciplinary career field. Some such career fields are as follows:

  • Horticulture
  • Sericulture
  • Apiculture
  • Plant Hybrid Sector
  • Food microbiology
  • Plant pathology

Significant Career Opportunities:

As India holds a great agricultural market, it offers a great range of career opportunities and some of the remarkable career options are as follows:

Job Position Average Salary
Quality assurance manager INR 10 LPA
Agriculture Officer INR 9.60 LPA
ICAR Scientist INR 7.5 LPA
Plant Breeder INR 7.76 LPA
Plantation manager INR 5.25 LPA
Agriculture sales officer INR 4.90 LPA
Seed Certification Officer INR 4 LPA

Better Higher Education Options:

Pursuing a Diploma in Agriculture offers better higher education options that will lead to standard job positions and strengthen the career. Here are some of the top higher education options after a Diploma in Agriculture at the leading private agriculture colleges in mp:

  • Sc Agriculture
  • Sc Horticulture
  • Sc Plant Pathology
  • Sc Food Science
  • BE/BTech in Agriculture and Food Engineering

On the whole, a diploma in agriculture is one of the best choices for career advancement in the prime important field of India.


On a concluding note, we would suggest you pursue your diploma in agriculture course at the reputed diploma agriculture colleges for a high standard education and make the best for your career.


  • What is the scope of a diploma in agriculture?

There is huge scope for diploma in agriculture courses in India as India holds the fourth largest agricultural market in the world and thus offers large-scope agricultural jobs.

  • Can I pursue higher education after doing a diploma in agriculture?

Yes. You can go on to do a BSc in agriculture or a PGD course after a diploma in agriculture to get access to jobs with higher salaries.

  • Do agriculture graduates have career opportunities abroad?

Yes, agriculture graduates have career opportunities abroad as food microbiologists, food processing engineers, agricultural market specialists, etc.

  • List top companies that hire agricultural graduates.
  • JK Agri Genetics Ltd.
  • Mahindra Agri
  • Tata Agrico
  • Reliance Foundation

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