Advantages and Disadvantages of Latex Mattress

March 24, 2021

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The pros and cons are an excellent place to start when determining if latex mattresses are a good investment. Despite having one of the highest overall owner satisfaction scores for mattresses, these types of beds might not be suitable for everyone. There are both appealing and potentially off-putting characteristics to remember, just as there are with any other product. Saavysleepers is a company that sells mattresses that people like.

Disadvantages of Latex Mattress


While only 10% of owners have complained that their bed is too firm, excessive firmness is most widely stated by owners when they first buy their mattress. In the first few weeks of use, many mattresses are better. To achieve the firmness you need, you will need to split the mattress in a little.


About 10% of all-latex bed owners have reported compression, which happens when the mattress imprints where they usually sleep. This problem occurs less often in beds made entirely of natural latex foam.

  • This happens with other mattresses’ styles; about 25% of innerspring mattress owners and 15% of memory foam mattress owners complain about experiences.
  • On a mattress shared by two people, compression is more likely to occur because both people are more likely to sleep in the same place every night.
  • On latex, these impressions have little impact on comfort or assistance, but they can limit the sleeper’s natural movement.


About 10% of latex mattress owners have complained about sleeping hot. Closed-cell foams are the most susceptible to this issue. When the mattresses are all-latex versus foam hybrids, latex beds perform better than most memory foams and have the fewest heat complaints.


The cost of this form of mattress is perhaps the most significant deterrent for consumers. Mattresses made of natural latex can cost thousands of dollars, particularly in local showrooms. Since this is one of the most costly goods for producers to procure, markups could be higher.

Advantages of Latex Mattress


 More than a third of people who own all-latex beds experience pain relief and prevention. They claim that their latex mattresses alleviate pressure points while also preventing or reducing other pain types, such as lower back pain.


Latex is a very durable substance. All-latex mattresses typically outlast other models by 2 to 7 years, offering comfort for 10 to 12 years on average. Latex is a biodegradable material that is highly durable.

No Smell

 For those who are sensitive to smells, limited to no off-gassing is a big plus. This is a crucial distinction among the various latex forms, and it is most commonly associated with all-natural latex mattresses.


The ease with which certain retailers can personalize latex is another explanation why people can prefer it to other materials. To achieve a particular feel, you can also customize your bed from top to bottom or even make a bed with two different firmness levels on each side for other partners. Models with unglued layers often allow customers to replace upper layers when they wear out, extending the mattress’s life even further.